ACT Now e-Bulletin - First edition now available!

The first ever edition of the ACT Now e-bulletin is now available to read at the link below!

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ACT Now NL is an important, new partnership initiative to support reduction in carbon emissions to help tackle the global climate emergency by supporting climate action in local communities, in the community and voluntary, business and public sectors.

ACT Now is an initiative of North Lanarkshire Partnership, which is our cross-sector community planning partnership involving:

  • North Lanarkshire Council
  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • Fire and Rescue Scotland Lanarkshire Division
  • Police Scotland Lanarkshire Division
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire and wider community and voluntary sector

Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire (VANL) is leading ACT Now on behalf of the North Lanarkshire Partnership (NLP) supported by a cross-sector ACT Now Co-ordinating Group with reps from:

  • all NLP partner organisations above
  • the North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector Biodiversity and Climate Emergency Network (convened and supported by VANL)
  • local business organisations

ACT Now NL was officially launched on 30th June 2021 with publication of the ACT Now NL Plan and website. Several months of initial promotional events and activities are planned up to November 2021 to:

  • strengthen local awareness of the climate emergency
  • support engagement with ACT Now
  • and build momentum for local climate action.

This intentionally ties in with United Nations conference on climate change – COP 26 – which takes place in Glasgow in November. COP 26 is considered a vital event with the aim of securing international commitments to reduce carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change.  

This ACT Now NL bulletin will be published every month and will provide information and updates on ACT Now and climate action in North Lanarkshire as well as national and international climate news.