Role of the Community and Voluntary Sector During C19 Pandemic

Around 80 community and voluntary groups are providing support to local people in North Lanarkshire during the C19 pandemic including:

  • wellbeing and befriending  calls
  • shopping and deliveries of food, medicines and other essential items
  • provision of free food where needed

This support is providedto existing service users; people referred by VANL staff through the NLC C19 Helpline; and to local people who make contact with community and voluntary groups directly
by a mix of established community and voluntary groups involving staff and volunteers and new C19 support groups run by volunteers.
Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire is providing support to the community and voluntary sector across North Lanarkshire during the C19 pandemic by providing information and guidance on key issues such as funding and ICT.  VANL is also supporting the referral processs from the NL C19 Helpline for people requiring support from  community and voluntary organisatoins.   The following VANL staff also provide a locality link across North Lanarkshire .

Locality Support  VANL Link Officer Work Mobile No Email Address
Airdrie Judith Bremner 07961 717 850
Bellshill Joyce Morgan* 07711 559 393
Coatbridge Douglas Milne 07985 659 523
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and the North Grant McLean 07949 222 539
Motherwell Michelle Thomson 07940 153 082
Wishaw & Shotts Kamil Tomzik 07949 222 672
North Lanarkshire-wide Support       
Children, Young People & Families Joyce Morgan 07711 559 393
Volunteering  Kirsty Struthers 07949 222 484
Funding  Grant McLean  07949 222 539
ICT / Digital  Douglas Milne  07985 659 523 


The following six “Community Solutions” funded organisations are also acting as local anchor organisations during the C19 crisis, providing direct support to local people and also liaising with other community and voluntary organisations and staff from the council and NHS to support a co-ordinated approach to their local C19 community response.


Area Organisation Contact
Airdrie The Health and Wellness Hub

01698 262 437 and 01698 303199

Bellshill Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre 01698 842215
Coatbridge  Glenboig Development Trust 01236 874520
Cumbernauld and the North  Cumbernauld Action Care for the Elderly (CACE)  01236 451393
Motherwell The Health and Wellness Hub 01236 605795 or 01698 262437

Wishaw, and Shotts

Getting Better Together 01501 825800

Voluntary Sector Support Statistics

This briefing paper provides more background information on the role of the community and vountary sector  and volunteering durind the C19 pandemic.

This summary Voluntary Sector activity report provides an overview of the support provided to local people in North Lanarkshire by 34 to 37 community and voluntary organiations from the 18th March to the 26th of May

You can view the report in Word format below -

Voluntary Sector Support in North Lanarkshire