Saltire Award

Aged 12 - 25?


The Saltire Awards are for you!

Not only does a Saltire Award look great on your CV but you can also earn Young Scot Reward Points which could entitle you to some fantastic prizes. The Saltire Awards website is for young people in Scotland aged 12-25 who are involved in volunteering and is a simple way to record volunteering hours.  When the total volunteering hours reach 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 hours a certificate can be claimed by registering and submitting your timesheet to Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire.

Claiming my hours

I volunteer at more than one organisation. Can I add these hours up?
Yes. You can volunteer with more than one project or organisation and add these hours towards each of your certificates. e.g. If you volunteer with the NHS for 25 hours and at your local youth club for 25 hours, you can claim your 50 hour certificate.

How does Saltire Award work with the Duke of Edinburgh Award and other awards which include volunteering?
The Saltire award can be claimed alongside the volunteering sections of Duke of Edinburgh, the John Muir award as well as others youth award schemes.

Backdating my hours

How do you back date your hours?
You can back date any volunteering hours over the past two years. Just keep a note of the organisation you were involved with and the dates you were volunteering with them. The organisation will be contacted to confirm these details. Volunteers can also register for an Award certificate on the Saltire Awards Website:

Saltire Awards Website